Are Emotions for the Birds?

Tag: Life Purpose and Self ExpressionBeth and Neill

We were e-mailed this set of pictures by a friend. We were so touched we wanted to share them with you.

The story goes that these pictures were taken by a French photographer, who sold them for a nominal fee to the most popular newspaper in France. And that the newspaper edition was completely sold out on the day these pictures were published.

It’s a profound and deeply emotional story told in pictures.

Beware, it’s a tear-jerker.

Here the mate is injured and the condition is fatal.

Here he brought her food and attended to her with love and compassion.

Came back to bring her more food but was shocked to find her dead. He tried to move her.

Aware that his sweetheart is dead and will never come back to him again, he cried with adoring love.

He stood beside her, saddened by her death.

Finally aware that she would never return to him, he stood beside her body with sadness and sorrow.

Emotion is a funny thing. We can feel it, sense it in others, or see it on people’s faces or in their body language. These images and the story they tell are a great example. Some people think animals aren’t capable of the complex emotions ascribed to the bird in these pictures.

What do you think?

With Love,
Beth and Neill