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We are Beth Banning and Neill Gibson and we believe that the shortest path to a happy life is found through conscious choice. Our mission is to play a significant role in supporting the global evolution toward greater consciousness.

We hope to achieve this by contributing educational materials, information, and training that provide concrete, practical skills for living. These tools are designed to support a shift from the belief in scarcity, domination, and “the survival of the fittest” to a global culture which promotes “the evolution of everyone” and embraces the values of abundance, prosperity, and inter-reliance.

We are confident that the most effective way for this shift to happen is one relationship at a time, beginning with the relationship we have with ourselves.

We’ve spent the majority of our adult lives learning, experimenting with, and practicing personal growth and relationship-enhancing techniques. Collectively, we share over 50 years of experience investigating the work of many spiritual leaders and experts in the human potential movement.

Our vision for this blog is to share what we’ve learned with you.

Some of the information you’ll find in this blog will be familiar to you, while some will seem radically different than what you’ve learned in the past. You’ll probably agree with some of our opinions, be shocked by others, hopefully inspired by many, and possibly even irritated by a few.

Whatever your reaction or response, our goal is to offer ideas that promote conscious conversation, inspire conscious action, and create a more conscious world. We look forward to your comments and questions, and the opportunity to support your personal evolution and ability to create more happiness in your life.

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