Want more Happiness in your life? – Don’t Stop, Just Start!

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stop stoppingStop Stopping

Do you ever feel uncomfortable when you are surrounded by people who are complaining and seem unhappy all the time? Studies show that having a positive attitude can lead you toward greater happiness. You probably know this is true. Don’t you feel better when you have an upbeat outlook on life?

Now the questions become: How do you stay happy, positive, and stop reacting to the negativity of others? And how can you still be a good listener and at the same time avoid being bombarded by complaints?

“Nothing can bring you happiness but yourself.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

The first thing to understand is that you can never stop doing anything, you can only start doing something else.

So what can you can start doing that will help you stay positive and continue to be a good listener?

You can start learning how to be more self-connected–use your discomfort as a warning that it’s time to turn your attention towards something you enjoy. Then practice the art of empathy–listen under the surface of any complaint for the values hiding within it.

Once you learn these skills and begin practicing them, you’re bound to find more of the happiness you’re looking for.

With Love and a Commitment to a Happier World,

Beth and Neill