Happiness – Two Simple Steps that Start You Down the Path

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Turn Obstacles Into Opportunities to [tag-tec]Be Happy[/tag-tec]

Do you have multiple obstacles standing in the way between you and your[tag-tec] happiness[/tag-tec] ? Do you seem to constantly sell yourself short, and assume that you are not good enough to get what you want?

This type of thinking may be the biggest obstacle between you and your success.

Worrying that you are not good enough or smart enough or lucky enough to get what you want is what many refer to as “limiting beliefs.” We develop limiting beliefs from previous experiences that didn’t turn out as we hoped or expected.

Past Experiences Create Future Expectations

Every time an undesirable outcome happens, we can develop a new limiting belief or reinforce an old one. As we continue this pattern of thinking, we get farther and farther away from success, and the possibility of being truly happy.

“To grow, you must be willing to let your present and future be totally unlike your past. Your history is not your destiny.” ~Alan Cohen

In order to start changing these harmful patterns of thinking, you must learn to first identify them.

As a way to practice identifying this pattern, try this. As soon as you feel the first hints of any discomfort and doubt, use these feelings as a warning signal and immediately stop what you are doing to attend to these feelings and explore the desires within them.

Conscious Thoughts Create New Possibilities

Discovering the truth behind your limiting beliefs is the next step. For this, identify what it is that you “do” want–what’s missing that causes you to perpetuate this belief. Then take actions that will help you start experiencing these things in your life.

These are two simple steps that start you down the path towards a future filled with happiness and success.

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