Happiness Is Random Expressions of Gratitude

Tag: HappinessBeth and Neill

What do you say–let’s all practice random expressions of gratitude.


If you did, how would you feel? What would your daily life be like? For that matter, what would the world be like if, instead of labeling, judging and criticizing, everyone ran around practicing random expressions of gratitude?

When your mother calls and says, “Why don’t you call me more often?” Say, “Thank you for loving me so much Mom.” When your boss looks over your shoulder and says, “That’s not the way you should do that!” Say, “I appreciate you desire to help me.” When your friend says, “You’re late! I hate it when you’re late!” Say, “I’m so grateful you’re willing to talk to me about this.”

What’s the alternative? Label them as needy, overbearing, picky… Which feels better? Which is closer to the truth? Which one is more fun for everybody involved?

So what do you say? Let’s try it and see what happens.

With love and great appreciation for who you are in the world,

Beth and Neill