Apr 13

What Do You Choose?

Tag: Happiness,Life Purpose and Self Expression,SpiritualityBeth and Neill @ 5:34 pm

Choice — Both an Opportunity and Responsibility

Every moment of every day we have the opportunity to consciously choose where we focus our attention.  It is one of the few choices that no one can take away from us.

Maybe it’s more than just an opportunity. Maybe it’s also a responsibility since what we choose impacts how we are, what we do, and ultimately who we become. And collectively, our becoming is what will become of the world.

Here’s a video that we found [tag-tec]very inspiring[/tag-tec], and we hope that you will too!

We Choose [tag-tec]Love[/tag-tec]!

Beth and Neill

5 Responses to “What Do You Choose?”

  1. Suzanne says:

    I really enjoyed seeing this right at the start of my day. I appreciate that you shared it with me. Suzanne

  2. mofwoofoo says:

    A good intention does not make art. I hate that music and the simplistic lyrics. To me it is not artistic. I am sorry to tell you this, but I find such tastelessness, no matter what the sentiment, appalling.

  3. nizam says:

    You seem to always hit the nail on the head when it has to do with me.
    Yes being home out of work with lots of time it really is challenging when trying to focus on what is good.
    Thank u for sending this to me at this time. May God Almighty bless you.

  4. melanie bayliss says:

    wonderful what more can i say wish we could spread this out to the poeple whos not on the web too x

  5. Rosanna Ienco says:

    Thank you for sharing this Beautiful inspiration, it totally touched my heart and soul.

    With Love, Light and Gratitude
    Rosanna Ienco
    Best-selling author of Awakening the Divine Soul.