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Want more Happiness in your life? – Don’t Stop, Just Start!

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stop stoppingStop Stopping

Do you ever feel uncomfortable when you are surrounded by people who are complaining and seem unhappy all the time? Studies show that having a positive attitude can lead you toward greater happiness. You probably know this is true. Don’t you feel better when you have an upbeat outlook on life?

Now the questions become: How do you stay happy, positive, and stop reacting to the negativity of others? And how can you still be a good listener and at the same time avoid being bombarded by complaints?

“Nothing can bring you happiness but yourself.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

The first thing to understand is that you can never stop doing anything, you can only start doing something else.

So what can you can start doing that will help you stay positive and continue to be a good listener?

You can start learning how to be more self-connected–use your discomfort as a warning that it’s time to turn your attention towards something you enjoy. Then practice the art of empathy–listen under the surface of any complaint for the values hiding within it.

Once you learn these skills and begin practicing them, you’re bound to find more of the happiness you’re looking for.

With Love and a Commitment to a Happier World,

Beth and Neill

4 Responses to “Want more Happiness in your life? – Don’t Stop, Just Start!”

  1. Bev Aylward says:

    I love your site you have some terrific inspiring articles I will be back to read some more.

  2. Larry Kevin says:

    Thanks for the post.

    I agree so much on stopping the negative thinking and changing your attitude. I had a networking meeting yesterday and today. Yesterdays meeting… well, sucked. Todays was fantastic. Was the difference the mix of folks attending the two meetings? I doubt it. They seemed fairly similar (a few people were at both meetings). As I think back, the difference was my attitude.

    Yesterday, I made the mistake of watching CNN. I went to the meeting with a lot of head trash (the economy is bad, no one leading us out of the troubles, more bad news on the way). This morning, I spent some time feeding my head with Brain Candy (Bill Bartman on video).

    This mornings meeting gave me energy instead of draining energy. I felt alive and I was moving my business forward. All because I came with the right attitude.

    Thanks again for a great post!

    Larry Kevin
    The Actionator!

  3. Jacqueline Stone says:

    Hi, Beth.
    This post couldn’t be more appropriate for me today! I have a relative who thrives on worry, doubt, drama, and tragedy. How I feel when she calls is up to me, not what she says. Being in touch with my own inner truth is the key.

    As for stopping; I know I get to what nourishes not by stopping what doesn’t, but by moving into what does. They say people who want to quit smoking but focus on quitting usually fail. Those who focus on living as a non-smoker usually succeed.

    Looking forward to more from you.

  4. Lauren Miller says:

    Nice post, and nice blog… found you on Twitter! (And by the way I was so busy yesterday I appreciated the chance to stop and listen to Obama’s speech)
    Often our closest friends and our own family can drag us down the most. It’s hard when the people we love are our negative influences. Yet their positive words can lift our mood. Your social support or who you hang out with can have the biggest impact on your goals. It doesn’t have to be an either or situation though, you can ask and enlist their support… or you can choose how much time you want to hang around the negative people in your life. The important thing as you mention, is knowing that you are in control of your thoughts, your attitude, and ultimately your present and future. Never give that power away.
    Be well,