Jul 13

The Power of WE

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Got[tag-tec] Conflict Management?[/tag-tec]

Do you ever find that you avoid [tag-tec]working something out with someone [/tag-tec] because you fear that just bringing it up may start an argument?

To overcome this fear the first thing you need to do is avoid having an “Us vs. Them” mentality. That’s easier said than done, because this pattern of thinking is extremely common in our culture. We are trained not to trust people from a very young age: “don’t talk to strangers,” “look out for number one,” and we should “always come out on top.”

This competitive mindset impedes our ability to develop cooperative and effective relationships.

Now is the Timecooperation

Creating cooperative relationships that are focused on the power of a “We” mentality can only happen when we are able to establish alignment with others. This involves clearly identifying our own intentions and being able to determine the intentions of others. Only when you have this information can you work toward developing alignment of purpose and reliable agreements that will help improve the relationship.

Feel the WE

A shared vision of success is critical for resolving any relationship issue. Are there similar things that you both hope to achieve? Start there, and work toward “getting on the same page” as your relationship partner. From the perspective of shared goals it is much easier to appreciate the power of working together, the true power of “We.”

“Power consists in one’s capacity to link his will with the purpose of others, to lead by reason and a gift of cooperation.” ~ Woodrow Wilson

Once you experience alignment, you will know the power of the “We” mentality and why it will bring you far greater satisfaction in all your relationships.

One Response to “The Power of WE”

  1. addicted to life says:

    yes, you have right we should overcome some fears from the past to work well in a team. but there are different aspects of team-working.
    you should be patient! team-work requires ability to tolerate different way of thinking & acting. in some cases you really can not work with people – if they are not initiative, not creative, not motivated.
    i have co-workers who really work very well in a team, just because they can not take a decision allone and need support.
    i think to find a balance between “me” and “us” is really very difficult.