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Is the Way to Happiness Out There?

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Want Happiness?

Each of us shares these same basic desires–to be happy and [tag-tec]avoid suffering[/tag-tec]. We spend our whole lives pursuing this end. In this pursuit we mainly focus on improving our external conditions with the hope that doing so will help us increase our happiness, or at else trying to solve the problems that seem to prevent it.

But how much does this focus on improving our external circumstances actually help?

Create Happiness from the Inside Out

We believe one of the most valuable [tag-tec]self help[/tag-tec] methods for pursuing [tag-tec]happiness[/tag-tec] is to focus on improving our internal landscape–learning to shift the way we see ourselves and the world. This shift in perspective has helped more than anything else to improve our lives, increase our happiness, and to help solve any problems that crop up along the way.

What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: Our life is the creation of our mind. ~Buddha

The next time you feel tense, upset or uncomfortable in any way, remember this Buddha quote and then use your feelings of discomfort as an alarm bell signaling that it’s time to shift your attention from “out there” to “in here”.

Then ask yourself: “How can I relate to this situation in a way that will help me feel better than I do right now? What perspective can I adopt that will help me see the best in what’s going on?”

[tag-tec]Be the Change You want to See in the World[/tag-tec]

The thoughts you choose will create the happiness you seek–from the inside out. As you practice the art of focused attention we guarantee your outer circumstances will begin to reflect the happiness you seek more and more often.

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4 Responses to “Is the Way to Happiness Out There?”

  1. Colette Kenney says:

    Hi Beth & Neil 🙂

    This is such a great reminder – one that I definitely will share with my friends.

    One of my favorite analogies when it comes to this topic is by Eckhart Tolle. He reminds us that pain (unhappiness) exists in the gap between what we expect to happen, and what is actually showing up in our reality.

    The more often we can remain present in the now and be appreciative of what is happening in the moment, the more we are able to create a peaceful and happy future.

    Every moment leads to the experience of the next… Being happy in this moment means you are setting the next moment up to be the same…

    Have a fabulous weekend friends!! 🙂


    • Beth Banning says:

      Hi Colette,

      Nice to see you back… thanks for expanding on this.

      It’s so true, there really isn’t anything real but “this” moment and what we can do to make this moment wonderful. Any pain, discomfort or unhappiness comes from our fear or worry about what might happen in the future that is different from what we want.

      Love how you put it, ” Every moment leads to the experience of the next… Being happy in this moment means you are setting the next moment up to be the same…”

  2. Jeffrey says:

    Happiness really is a state of mind under our control.
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  3. Greg Cynaumon says:

    This is indeed a valuable reminder for us human to understand the real essence of life – to live happily and with love and respect to our fellows. Life has become more complex to many resulting to more complicated effects which is also affecting the supposed to be simple quest for happiness. Thanks for this post. 🙂