Sep 16

Obama or McCain?

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This morning we received an e-mail from a dear friend talking about the presidential election. The suggestion in this e-mail is in harmony with what we believe and we will begin this practice tomorrow morning during our meditation. Here is our interpretation of the e-mail we received.

This election has raised much excitement, but also controversy, stress and confusion. If you are like us and the friend that we got this e-mail from, you are receiving very emotional emails and seeing news from both “sides” expressing great fear and anger, and fiercely attacking the other side.

Which man would be a better president–for our country and the world– Obama or McCain?

In our experience what you focus your attention on grows. And what we’re seeing is most people focusing on what they don’t want, their fears, and the worst possible scenarios. This focus can only bring more of this into our lives. So let’s stop focusing on what we “don’t” want and start focusing on what we “do” want.

My friend mentioned in her e-mail, and it is true for us as well, that we have seen the power of intention work wonders. In some cases, seemingly working miracles in fact. So let’s put it work to make this world a better place for everyone.

Below is the e-mail my friend received from someone today. I have no idea if the following story is true (couldn’t find it on online), and I don’t know the person who wrote this. But the idea has great merit in our opinion. And as I said above, we start tomorrow.

Received E-mail message:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Good Morning Everyone,

This is a true story. I just read an article which reminded me of the power of meditation. The summer of 1988 was hot, the crime rate in the 80’s in this country was rising rapidly in the cities. A study was done in Washington D.C. and published in the Yale Journal of Conflict Resolution (32:776-812) in Dec. 1988 about the results of a meditation study conducted during that summer with the intention of reducing the crime rate in D.C. by 20%. The Police Chief in D.C. said something like it would take a snowstorm in the middle of summer to lower the crime rate. 2000 meditators committed to meditating daily for a few months with the intention of peace and lowering the crime rate in D.C. The number grew to 4000. I think they said that the population of Washington D.C. at that time was over 1,000,000 people (one million). Within 2 months the crime rate of Washington D.C. in the hot summer of 1988 was reduced by 25% with (let’s call it an average of) 3000 people meditating daily for peace!!! That means that 1/3rd of 1% of the population were able to reduce the crime rate by 25% by meditating with that intention! The Police Chief was shocked to say the least – so the story goes. In this hostile election climate and given the importance of the issues before us as a country and a planet today, Let’s join together now with the intention of meditating daily for the HIGHEST GOOD TO COME OF THIS ELECTION FOR THE PEOPLE AND ALL LIVING BEINGS IN THE UNITED STATES AND OUR WHOLE PLANET .

3% of 300,000,000 people in this country = 1,000,000 people. If each of us friends join together with the intention of meditating daily for HIGHEST GOOD TO COME FROM THIS ELECTION FOR THE PEOPLE AND ALL LIVING BEINGS IN THE UNITED STATES AND OUR WHOLE PLANET and we each invite 10 more friends then a million friends (3% of our population here in the U.S.) could join together to start meditating today! And if we all invited 10 friends who agreed to invite 10 friends then our intention would begin today!

These times are crucial for the health and well-being of Earth. Please let’s join together and do this. I KNOW THAT IF WE JOIN TOGETHER WITH THIS SHARED INTENTION WE WILL MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE.

I suggest 10 minutes daily until the election at least.

I ask that each of us invite at least 10 people and ask that our invitation be confirmed.

LET’S START NOW!!!!! There’s not a nano second to loose.




We love this idea.

We believe if a large group of people focus even a small amount of attention each day on creating the highest good to come from this election for the people and all living beings in the united states and our whole planet, only good things can happen.

What do you think?

With love,

Beth and Neill

2 Responses to “Obama or McCain?”

  1. Greg says:


    Interesting post. Of course, part of what makes it difficult is that each of us has a different view on “what the greater good is.”

    So how about something like this (which interestingly enough, is something close to what Mr Bush has said:) Ok, (Politician) has this set of view, which I strongly disagree with, but I am going to ignore that disagreement and focus on what I feel is the “right thing.”

    In short, let’s start with the ideas of Tolerance (of other opinions) and Diversity (of thought) and grow from there.

  2. Beth and Neill says:

    Hi Greg,

    Thank you so much for your comment. It’s fun to have people beginning to interact with us in this way!

    We agree that, if you’re talking about trying to get alignment at the level of opinions, then that requires a great degree of acceptance and regard for diversity.

    Our take on this was that it suggests we transcend our own individual opinions and instead hold as our intention that the highest good for all people comes from this election.

    This requires we acknowledge that we are not the final authority about what the best strategy to accomplish the greatest good might be, and that we release any attachment to our individual opinion of what that might look like.

    Having our intention simply focused on the greatest good for all allows the possibility of whatever strategy might accomplish that. And if our intention truly is for the greatest good for all, then wouldn’t whatever strategy which accomplishes that be OK with us?

    Thanks again for leaving your comment.

    With great appreciation,
    Beth & Neill