Oct 26

Marriage Intimacy is Within Your Reach

Got Intimacy?


Many couples are under the impression that [tag-tec]marriage intimacy[/tag-tec] should come easily to them. They think of intimacy as a part of a relationship that you either have or you don’t have. They assume that once the intimacy is gone, there’s no going back. The truth though, is that there are ways for couples to work together to bring the intimacy back. This can lead to better communication, more romance and a better quality of love overall.

For most couples, the first step to getting the marriage intimacy back is to stop working against one another. Many couples think that they’re working together to solve their problems, but in reality they’re working with a ‘me first’ attitude.

Instead of thinking, “What do we need to make our marriage better,” they think, “What do I need to make my marriage better.”

Shared Commitment

The key to starting to work together, is to stop thinking of the marriage as, “My marriage,” and what do I need, and start thinking of it as, “Our marriage” and what do we need. This might seem like a simple concept, but setting the tone not just for your marriage but for your relationship is important. The way you think about your marriage, and the way you talk about it, can have a deep impact on your level of marriage intimacy.

For example, consider your favorite scene from your favorite movie. Picture the scene in your mind and pay attention to the dialogue, setting and action in the screen. Now take a moment and consider the music that’s being played. When you pictured your favorite scene, you probably didn’t even think of the music playing. Yet the scene wouldn’t be the same without it. Music works quietly in the background to set the tone and without it, the movie would not have the same feeling, or illicit the same emotions in you.

The same concept is true when you consider the way you communicate within your marriage. If you go into [tag-tec]working on your marriage[/tag-tec] and start by simply adjusting the way you talk about it, and the way you think about your relationship, it can set the tone for your marriage that will make it easier for you and your spouse to get on the same page. Like music in the background, you might not always be aware of it, but it has the power to significantly sway your feelings for one another.

Express the “do want”

In addition to simply changing the words you used from “my” to “our” to encourage a sense of shared commitment, find ways to discuss your marriage and your needs in a more positive way. For example, if you feel that your spouse spends too much time with their friends, instead of saying, “You spend too much time with your friends,” say something like, “I would love for us to spend more time together doing the things we enjoy.”

While your initial issue might be the time your spouse is spending with friends, the underlying problem is that you want them to spend more time with you, and to appreciate the time you spend together. Focus on using self responsible language to express to your partner what you want to get out of your relationship and how you’d like to see your [tag-tec]marriage improved[/tag-tec].

Following these two simple suggestions can [tag-tec]improve your relationship[/tag-tec] with your spouse almost immediately. Try it out for yourself–you’ll find that improving your marriage intimacy is easier than you may have thought.

3 Responses to “Marriage Intimacy is Within Your Reach”

  1. Libby Murray says:

    Marriage is one of the most sacred ceremonies that we humans experience. Being married also gives us happines.”-:

  2. Amelia Thomas says:

    marriage is one of the happiest moments that a person will experience in his/her life””:

  3. Taylor says:

    I can personally relate to what you’re saying about marriage intimacy as I work on the second time around in marriage.

    I think that there are times you either come together, or grow apart. But getting through the struggles together does bring you closer together as its more about we and less about me to find the way through.