Apr 22

Got Risk? A Little Motivation Can Go a Long Way

Tag: Personal GrowthBeth Banning @ 12:16 pm

Life = Risk So Just Say Yes!

Risk of failure? Yes!  Risk of looking bad? Yes! Risk having confidence in yourself when no one else does? Yes! Risk of looking too good where people might be jealous of you. Yes! All these risks and more are worth taking when you go for what you want and stick with it until you get it.

No matter who you are, your level of education, or your standing in the community, you are–and always have been–capable of achieving what you deeply desire.

Life involves risk and the life you truly want may even be a little riskier.  So here’s a little [tag-tec]Self-Help Motivation[/tag-tec] video to keep you inspired and moving towards the life you want.


Certainly, every human being is filled with tremendous potential and abilities, yet too often they go unrealized because of our failure to break free from the social conditions designed to perpetuate avenues of personal failure rather than avenues for actualization and transformation.
~ Ian Robertson

What would you be willing to risk to break free from your conditioning and transform your life?

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