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Finding Self Help Motivation — Connecting with Your Higher Purpose – Part 3

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Are Your [tag-tech]Self-Help[/tag-tech], [tag-tech]Personal or Professional Goals[/tag-tech] Stuck in a Rut?

self help motivation rutHave you ever done a [tag-tech]self help program[/tag-tech]–experienced that surge of inspiration in the beginning–then lost motivation for your initial [tag-tech]self help goal[/tag-tech]? If so, you may want rediscover the power of connecting with your [tag-tech]higher purpose[/tag-tech].

Many times we find ourselves so caught up in the circumstances of our life that it’s easy to focus solely on the problems at hand. We tend to approach life as a series of short-term goals designed take care of our most immediate needs. And while we may keep our long-range goals in mind in the process, the hustle and bustle of all of this activity can easily end up dragging us into an “in order to” rut.

In Order To. . .

  • resolve a problem
  • satisfy an immediate desire
  • accomplish a short-term objective
  • make progress toward a long-term objective

Is Too Much Activity Digging You into a [tag-tech]Motivation[/tag-tech] Rut?

While these are all great strategies “in order to” provide a certain level of progress and accomplishment, at the same time focusing so closely on the immediate circumstances of our life and the pressing goals we’ve set for ourselves can lead to sort of myopia. A nearsightedness that disconnects us from the deeper and more profound sense of calling and [tag-tech]purpose in our life[/tag-tech].

We can just as easily get into an “in order to” rut with our personal development work or our various self help programs.

The surest sign this happening is a loss of enthusiasm about what you’re doing. It’s especially hard to keep-on keeping-on in any sort of [tag-tech]self help[/tag-tech] regimen when you’ve started feeling a sense of apathy, boredom, and drudgery about doing the work.

What’s the Best Way to Get Out Of a “No Motivation” Rut?

If you find you’ve lost a sense of motivation in any area of your life, whether a self development course, or working toward one of your personal or professional goals, it’s time to take stock of how connected you are with your deeper sense of purpose in life.

For us, this usually involves getting reconnected with what we hold as most deeply valuable in life. This requires that we turn our attention again and again to the principles and aspirations that give us our deepest sense of [tag-tech]inspiration[/tag-tech].

A few years ago we turned our attention from doing live, in-person seminars to supporting a much larger community through the internet. As many of you may already know, creating success with any online business is no small feat.

Many times during our journey we’ve found ourselves needing to pay attention to our own [tag-tech]personal growth[/tag-tech] process. This has been the best way to support maintaining the focus we’ve needed to generate momentum in online business. Whenever we found our motivation diminishing it was vital for us to reconnect with the profoundly inspiring vision we have of helping support the creation of a world that works for everyone.

What Are You Most Passionate about Seeing Happen in the World?

Helping people learn how to turn their attention from suffering and toward creating more vitality, success, and happiness in their lives is one way that we express our own sense of higher purpose. This vision is a deep well of inspiration we are able to draw from whenever we need to replenish our [tag-tech]sense of motivation[/tag-tech].

In any moment that you are not connected to your sense of higher purpose–your commitment to contributing to something larger than yourself–it’s not surprising that you might find yourself lacking the motivation you need to carry on, whether it’s to complete some [tag-techg]self help program[/tag-tech] or attain any of your [tag-tech]personal or professional goals[/tag-tech].

So What’s the Short Version of This Message?

The best source of [tag-tech]self help motivation[/tag-tech] available for supporting your ability to keep-on keeping-on is to reconnect with living life in support of something inspiring–your higher purpose.

Until next time…

With great love and a commitment to your success,
Beth & Neill

4 Responses to “Finding Self Help Motivation — Connecting with Your Higher Purpose – Part 3”

  1. Barry Shaw says:

    Hi excellent article and without being too flippant as someone once said “a rut is a grave with the ends kicked out” keep up the great work

  2. Drifa Ulfarsdottir says:

    I really like what you said about getting lost in what you are doing and needing to connect to your higher self. I agree with you. In order to go from chaos to clarity you need to be aligned with your values. Great piece. I added you to my blogroll so I can keep up with your posts.

  3. Nrlight says:

    Thank you for these words from the heart. There are many explanations out there that only touch on surface issues. I am thankful that I connected with this information. It is inspiring.

  4. Ayumi at inspiring lives says:

    thank you for sharing this post. this really help me to drive my motivation in life.