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Fear Not – Positive Goal Setting For The New Year

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Things only mean what you make the mean

We know that 2008 end on a shaky note for some of you. Please remember that what you focus your attention on grows. Be thankful. Stop and celebrate those things that are going well in your life.

And whatever you do, don’t create [tag-tec]this years goals[/tag-tec] based on any FEAR you may feel about what’s not going well in your life…  Instead craft your 2009 goals while focusing your attention on what you value most.

“A new year is unfolding – like a blossom with petals curled tightly concealing the beauty within.” ~unknown

Your Life Starts Now!

So instead of goals borne from reacting in fear, respond to the opportunities ahead to attain what’s most important to you, and take steps to start creating more of what you really want in life.

For help you can download our free [tag-tec]Values Exercise[/tag-tec].

To do this exercise, pick an area of your life where you’d like to set a goal or make a new years resolution. Do the exercise and discover what you value most in that area. Then come up with a plan to accomplish this based on those values.

Trust us, you can have the life you want… miracles happen when you base your decisions on your true inner knowing.

Wishing you more happiness, health, and abundance than all our words can say, not just for today, but for all your days to come.

With great love,
Beth and Neill

9 Responses to “Fear Not – Positive Goal Setting For The New Year”

  1. Nancy Sutherland says:

    This post ties in completely with my blog post today on making a goal poster. You really can have the life that you design! Happy New Year. May yours be filled with abundance too!

  2. benjamin says:

    Beth & Neill,

    I enjoyed the post…

    It is incredibly important to overcome fear, but it seems we can only do this when we let go of the desire to vilify it… when we allow what we don’t want to direct us to thoughts (and the associated feelings) of what we do want… amazing things can happen!

    I wish you all the best in the new year!

    keep smiling,


    (I would love for you guys to tell me what you think of my new e-book… you can get it at peacefulprosperity.com, or you can e-mail me for a copy)

  3. Beth Banning says:

    Dear Nancy and Benjamin, Thanks so much for stopping by and interacting with us. We just love hearing from you.

    also, Benjamin I don’t think people actually vilify fear, I think they’re just scared. 🙂

    And I completely agree that what we “don’t” want can certainly direct us to what we “do” want–it’s the other side of the coin. Unfortunately when we are in a place of fear, turning that coin can be challenging. We have found that at those times it is easier to gently turn, and director our attention towards what we value most. As we begin to feel the inspiration that our deep held values bring, our fear subsides and our ability create reappears.

    and of course–nothing works for everyone–that’s why there are so many wonderful teachers in the world. Thank you for being one of them.

    With love and appreciation,

  4. Cari Schauer says:

    Very inspiring website! Enjoyed reading the information…

  5. Ann Evanston says:

    Great post! I also think it is important that people understand the difference between “fear” and a “flutter”. Often the feeling can be the same, but there are subtle differences – flutter is a good thing! And emotion aligned helps achieve your goals!

    Ann M. Evanston, MA

  6. Steve Orris says:

    The new year is here. Last year was a disaster. But I’ve got a new attitude, a new company, and I’m focusing on helping others. How can I not succeed? False Evidence Appearing Real needs to go.

  7. Bethany Bennett says:

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  8. Austin Cook says:

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