Aug 24

Electrify Your Life

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Where Do You Focus Your Attention?

Do you have a habit of looking at everything and thinking things such as, “Is this situation safe?”, “Is this [tag-tec]relationship[/tag-tec] good for me?”, “Is it comfortable?”,  “Is this experience worthwhile?”, “Is it important?” “Is this object valuable?”… If so,

Have you ever thought of approaching every person, object or experience as if it were there just for you to appreciate?

And if you couldn’t find immediate appreciation for the value of this person, this object or this experience, what if you didn’t just stop there, but you go on to ask the ‘next question’,

“Why is it that I cannot find value in this person, object, situation or experience?”

Embark On Your Own Experience Quest

Going to the ‘next question’ commits you to a life where, as Caroline Myss says “You have to pause in your perception, observe, and consciously appreciate what you are seeing, doing, hearing, thinking, and speaking… Every moment of your life has value.”

To ‘be with’ an experience, feel the sensations of an experience, and allow the wisdom of an experience to come forth or to gain knowledge from an experience…. to really experience an experience, you need to embark each day on your own experience quest.

Be willing to ask the ‘next question’ and by doing so you’ll electrify all your moment to moment experiences and then that energy can’t help but power up your life!

2 Responses to “Electrify Your Life”

  1. Lisa says:

    The more you do, the more you check and try, the more comfortable you feel because you get more confident. this is a great topic and people should be aware of it.

    • Beth Banning says:

      It’s so truly Lisa, that as you practice anything you become more and more comfortable with it and as you become more comfortable, confidence is usually right around the corner. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂