Jun 22

A Dose of Inspiration Keeps Motivation High

Tag: Motivation,Personal GrowthBeth and Neill @ 7:48 pm

Inspiration Anyone?

We all need a little [tag-tec]inspiration[/tag-tec] now and then.  And if you think about it, inspiration is really what keeps us moving in the direction of our dreams. Don’t stop now! Here’s a little bit of inspiration to help keep you moving towards your dreams.


[tag-tec]Inspirational Movie[/tag-tec] for Your Success: The Impossible Dream

How many times have you reached for something, felt it so close, and then gave up? How many times have you decided to change your life, but you still find yourself in the same place?

Everyone desires success in achieving their “impossible dream”, but few people actually make it. In this rare and inspiring movie, you’ll learn how to go beyond your limits and take a “leap of faith” to achieve what is important to you.


Another Soul-Touching [tag-tec]Inspirational Video[/tag-tec]

Positive, vibrant and purpose-driven living. What’s not to like about that…. from www.leadoutloud.ca.


Inspiring Video – The Don’t Quit Poem

www.thedontquitpoem.com Inspirational video based on the famous Don’t Quit Poem.


Thanks for Taking a Look

We hope you enjoyed these videos. A little inspiration goes a long,  long way. Next time you feel frustrated or hopeless about getting where you want to go, STOP and find a big old dose of inspiration to keeps you moving in the direction of your dreams.

One Response to “A Dose of Inspiration Keeps Motivation High”

  1. Michael Gaudet says:

    Thanks for this timely post, Beth! As you say, everyone needs a little inspiration sometimes. I appreciate the fact that you have focused on this theme, as it is so important. Even the most positive, optimistic people have their down times for a variety of reasons. It can be tough and challenging to keep that ‘stiff upper lip’ when things do not always go as we’d like, or hope them to.
    It’s refreshing to read your simple but powerful message of hope and inspiration.