Aug 31

10 Personal Growth Questions That Make a Difference – Part Two

Supporting Your Continued Growth!

Yesterday I posted the first five out of 10 Personal growth questions that have made a difference in my life. Here is part two, the next five questions out of 10. I hope they support you as much as they have supported me.what motivates you?

6. What motivates me?

Motivation is what gets us in action, action is what creates results. Ask the question, what motivates me? Then observe your life. When you accomplish something, identify what is that motivated you to accomplish it. Watch when you get excited, what are you feeling excited about, that’s motivation. If you discover the answer to this question you are well on your way to creating a life you love.

7. What do I value most?

Your values are the essence of who you are. Getting clear about them and living them is a guaranteed way to be the fullest most authentic expression of yourself.

8. What do I really want?

Yes I know this question might seem trite, but how many times do you actually stop and ask yourself this question and then really listen to the answers. The funny thing is, in each moment this question can generate completely different answers.

So, start asking this question, stop and really listen to the answer, and then identify small step towards getting it. You are worth it.

9. What do I appreciate most about myself?

This question is essential for creating a life you love. It’s very challenging to love your life when you can’t identify anything you appreciate about yourself. And I’m convinced the only reason that you couldn’t find things you appreciate about yourself is you haven’t had enough practice. So start practicing today!

10. What am I grateful for?

If you want to live your best possible life, if you want to be all that you can be, or if you just want to be happier in any moment, asked this question as often as you can remember. When you’re in the process of being grateful you can’t help but feeling good.

Why ask questions?

Questioning myself is the easiest way I have found to find truth in my life. This is because we are the only ones that can say what is true for us. So ask questions and never stop asking. Listen to the answers and trust they are true for you. Then start taking actions that move you closer and closer to your truth. This process will guarantee your continued growth into the fullest most authentic expression of you.

4 Responses to “10 Personal Growth Questions That Make a Difference – Part Two”

  1. Ian says:

    Simple, sweet and to the point.

    I think the most poignant question is “What do I want?”

    It’s so simple that it’s often overlooked. Or we’re too afraid to really answer it. But if we do then we start to take the first step towards success.


  2. Carmella Blinn says:

    Hallo im from germany and my english isnt that awesome, but i was able to translate every word of your post. Im looking for english websites to make my english better and im very cheerful to finally find a journal, that speakes clear and structured english that i can understand. Greetz from Germany!

  3. Samantha says:

    After reading the content, what really caught my attention is “What motivates me?”. For me, what motivates you to continue and live your life is very important. No matter what it is, when you are motivated by something, you can do the things that you like. It is your support and keeps you moving on.